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Ad hoc sessions are available on a first come first serve basis. They are $75 up front. You can bring any topic to a session. Click the button below to view the availability calendar. If you don’t see an available time, you may email gerdungmelinda@gmail.com to inquire about additional availability. 

What Others have to say

“Melinda understood me and my situation and was able to help me on a level that no one else had. Melinda’s advice was useful not just for relationships, but also with the workplace. I’ve been able to slow down my anger and get curious about it. I’ve started to be able to be open about my feelings to my partner and we’ve formed a deeper connection as a result. I don’t get so bent out of shape about stuff at work anymore and I’ve been able to give some grace to people I used to resent.  I’d recommend her to anyone who has ever experienced emotional abuse and anyone who wants to have better relationships, whether it is with themselves, or their partner, or family.”


“Melinda was not judgmental. Some of the stuff I came out with would be very easy to judge me for, but she never did. I felt very understood with Melinda. She always knew what to ask and I felt like she was tapping into my brain and understanding the way I think. The questions she would ask me really made me think and sometimes the light bulb would just go off and I would see things in a different way. And suddenly it wasn’t so painful or scary. I remember in one of our early sessions, I had gone into town the week prior and I was due to go again, but the last time I went in I had a massive anxiety attack. So I was just terrified. And she asked me one question and it switched to a new perspective. A perspective of gratitude rather than fear.  It was like I was a different person. It was a complete game changer. That result alone was well worth it. I don’t feel so disabled and am able to move forward. I can walk down the street with confidence. I can feel like I am safe and I am ok. I didn’t realize how I was limiting myself with the things I was telling myself, but doing this work really opened things up for me and I realized I didn’t have to be in this little cube. I can be bigger than this. There’s so much more to explore and learn and grow. I would recommend Melinda to anyone who needs more empowering beliefs and healing from trauma.


“Melinda is nice, funny, & easy to talk to. She knows exactly what is going on whenever I bring up a concern to her.   She helped me see that I was worth more than how I was treated in past relationships and see that I have the strength within myself to overcome that. She helped me to feel beautiful again.” 


“Melinda was so helpful in being positive about myself.
I was so negative before working with Melinda. In Five lessons I have have completely changed the negative opinion of myself. Thank you Melinda for what you did for me.”


“I struggled last year with confidence, insecurity, jealousy, hatred, and not really having a firm direction on my life. Melinda acted as a guide, a mentor, a cheerleader to help me become the best version of me. She is non-judgmental, and compassionate, understanding, and the time went by so fast. She really helped me dig into myself and help me become the man I am today: confident, bold, and with a clear path of what I want in life. She helped me organize my life; pursue my dreams and better myself. I can’t say enough great things about her life coaching ability. She is a miracle worker! “


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